• gnome-shell overview slow on wayland

    I was experimenting with LightDM and GDM and discovered two interesting things:

    1. With GDM then gnome-shell opens with wayland and my fps drops in overview (my cursor is especially slow and jumpy). It seems to only be overview that’s effected.

    2. With LightDM then gnome-shell is perfectly smooth, but it uses X11 instead of wayland for some reason (and in fact there’s two GNOME entries in the list of DEs, neither launch with wayland)

  • The next update to Gnome 3.24 hopefully will do a better performance, wayland is not already doing a good job on all possible combinations of GPU+driver+DM.
    To get wayland working is combined with that i think.
    If the DM is not able to start a wayland session properly it falls back to X11, so if this happens it is better to start X11 session by default.
    It is possible to force wayland but it will result in what you have already with GDM.

  • I currently have the testing repos on so I’m on Gnome 3.24, and it’s no better then 3.22. I’ll probably re-enable LightDM and check the logs.

  • Wayland, almost ready for daily use after only 8 years of development.

  • @Jeannie____ almost as we can see all over…
    But for shure works better with Qt ;)

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