• Why no changelogs for Arch and Antergos packages

    I wonder why there are no changelogs available when updates to software are being made available in the repos. It’s quite an issue since you never know what has been updated when the Update Manager in Antergos shows updates as available. It’s also quite an effort, with not always success, to find out what changes have been made.

    It would be so much more user-friendly if the changelogs are also published together with the updates and that they are available in the Update Manager software.

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  • @EarthMind - I wondered about that as well, especially when it comes to more major applications and items like the kernel.

  • Arch Devs you know they want you doing this by hand ;)
    There is a option also for pacman it works with

    pacman -Qc *packagename*

    But almost no package have information there… because the dev do not put it there.


  • @EarthMind pamac does have an “Historic” http://prntscr.com/ez5m04

  • history is not the changelog mr. ;)

  • @joekamprad oops, but he wants to know “what has been updated etc” that can be seen through it and is GUI, but ok, i understand.

  • https://duckduckgo.com/?q=archlinux+changelog+view&t=h_&ia=qa

    A lot of discussion about it but i can not find any solution… but i remember there was a treat abou it where someone usa a qt pacman wrapper kind a Gui what shows sommething like a changelog

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