• how do i get my data back?

    My antergos got bricked after i turned off airplane mode in network settings and now it doesn’t load up anymore, but i need to recover my data back before i format antergos off my harddrive back to windows8.1 , How to i get my data back ?

  • Use a Live Disk of Antergos to access the drive(s). Has been a life saver for me in many ways. All praise the Live Disk!

  • is there a way to recover it with android tablet? because antergos on my laptop got bricked so i cant make cd or dvd , and a support for my issue is non existent

  • From a tablet?? I think you’re asking the impossible here. You could rather ask if Martians can come down to earth and use alien abracadabra to get your data back and have more chance for success!

    Just download the OS on a different PC, burn the CD/DVD or USB stick and voilà! I’m sure you can do that one someone else’s PC?

  • Wait wait! Maybe it’s even more plausible to round up the CIA, the ex-KGB and the Chinese alternative to get your data back, than to use and ANDROID TABLET for this problem!

    Let me contact my network to get that fixed for you!

  • @EarthMind oh shut up ,give it a rest and stop cluttering up this post. that’s over and done with now, i threw out that laptop away already but kept the battery and ordered a better laptop on amazon that comes with windows pre installed , itll get here in a few days then ill be back to normal

  • Until you get a virus attack :-)

    While Linux is a bit hard for newcomers in the beginning, the experience you get by trying to solve where it goes wrong would benefit you for every OS you’d use. Next time you’d use Windows and really do get a virus attack or some other technical issue (Windows isn’t all that thrustworthy as you think), you’d faster know where to go and what to do. At least, that’s what Linux has thaught me. Luckily you didn’t start with Linux many years ago, where there was a problem with almost every driver in each distro :P. Judging from your experience and your willness to learn and to do, I’d say Arch/Antergos is not for you. Ubuntu or Linux Mint are more newbie-friendly and don’t get as many updates as the first.

    Oh, and was out for them nasty Blue Screens of Death!

  • @EarthMind I’m usually better at linux than you, i used it regularly since 2008, and i’ll be back again on opensuse, Antergos was most likely made in Spain by malware people, I just got unlucky and the antergos i downloaded and installed came preloaded with malware somehow which bricked my installation.

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