• Seahorse "forgets" passwords

    For a few days Evolution constantly asks for passwords of my e-mail accounts. It does not ask for the same account’s password for calendars.

    My first guess was that something is wrong with seahorse (GNOME keyring) so I deleted my keyring with

    rm ~/.local/share/keyrings/login.keyring

    Which apparently worked because I had to re-enter all my PWs.
    But unfortunately that didn’t fix my problem as I still have to enter my PWs multiple time during a session.

    In Searhorse “Gnome2 Keyring” is locked after booting. I can unlock it and tell it to unlock at boot. But that doesn’t fix my problem either.
    These are the keyrings available:
    In the meantime I’ll try to find a explanation what the difference is between those keyrings.

  • do you use autologin?

  • You mean login without a PW? No, I do login with a PW and have to choose my user.

  • It is maybe a problem from evolution, i read that putting the searching for new mails to every 2 minutes solve this.

  • Where did you read this? I do now have it on 10mins.

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