• "Driverless" printing in Arch/Antergos?

    I’m a shameless, dirty distro hopper and was trying out the latest Gnome-Ubuntu and I have to say the driverless printing is just amazing. I always had the damnedest time get printers working in Arch and Antergos, (the brother install tool works so nice on deb/rpm setups), and I was wondering if this might be pulled into Antergos or Arch at some point?


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    I have a DCP7060D Brother USB printer/scanner and have successfully installed drivers across multiple Linux distros including Arch. IIRC, Ubuntu/Fedora/Debian all did not have native driver support for my Brother, and I had to install via the Brother install tool. Are you unable to get your Brother printer working? I actually found setting up my printer to be the easiest in Arch. Thank You AUR!

  • I’ve not had any trouble installing via brother driver tool on .deb and .rpm based systems. Arch has generally been a pain, though it looks like they have ways of using the brother tool than I was able to find a couple of years ago. Generally I had problems with duplexing and other options more than just regular printing.

    The nice thing about the new Ubuntu is that you don’t have to do anything - you just click on Printers in gnome settings and the printers are just there, ready to use, nothing else required. It was actually pretty amazing. Maybe Arch added that ability and I missed it…

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  • Since my Brother printer has scanning functionality, I’ve always just used the Brother Install Tool. 16.04 had only printer driver support out of the box.

    I have created various Linux install documents and saved for future reference. For posterity sake, here’s what I need to do to get my printer/scanner working in Arch.

    -Install brother-dcp7060d drivers, brscan4, simple-scan, and other required packages, including, lib32-glibc and libsane-dsseries, from AUR/Pamac.
    -Look at the Brother website to find the correct scanner driver. For the DCP-7060D, the above brscan4 is the correct one.
    -Ensure that multilib/lib32-glibc 32bit packages are enabled in /etc/pacman.conf with the following lines commented:
    Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

    -For scanner, like Debian and Fedora, go to the /lib/udev/rules.d/**-sane-backends.rules, and insert the following 2 lines at the last of the device entry. (just before “# The following rule…”):
    ATTR{idVendor}==“04f9”, ENV{libsane_matched}="yes"

    -In the above sane folder,**-sane rules could be any number but will have sane rules listed in it. Save file and reboot.
    -When configuring printer in Settings, make sure that the correct driver is used, as denoted by “Model”. “Generic…” is the default and will not work. Select DCP7060D under Model after executing all of the above.

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