• Docked Monitor problem

    I am using a Dell E5540 with a docked monitor. Until yesterday almost averything was ok, but now I am facing a problem I could not fix, so far.
    Whenever booting I get greeted without issues, but then after typing password the docked display get stuck at the wallpaper and I cannot see any panel, icon, etc. The reason of this is that laptop sets the wrong primary display, so not the one docked.
    As a temporary solution I just open the lid, close it again then the laptop display turns off and the docked display turns on again with all working. Not very comfy, though.
    What I have also found is that when going into System Settings -> Display the docked monitor “Set as Primary” is greyed out so I cannot set it properly (please see screenshot)
    Any advice? Thanks.!

    alt text

  • It seems I fixed it installing displaylink driver from AUR (Not sure if this is the best fix, but the problem did not occur anymore, so far).

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