• PC stops responding

    @vpp21 I like your patience to do it all ;)
    I want to know about EFI for long term and now i am kinda intoit…

  • Brilliant! win-win then!

    Just for the curiosity, the primary boot device is now: “grub”.

    I have never needed to check that before from this system! :)

  • this is what you give with the grub-install command [–bootloader-id=grub]

    For that emergeny shell prob i think you should do:

    sudo mkinitcpio -p linux
  • @joekamprad, I had a chance to try that briefly, but the command failed in the emergency shell. The command did not exist. Should I give it in the cnchi shell? After chroot?

  • yes same game with chrooting inside our hd and then do the command inside…

  • Thanks @joekamprad!

    Just to be on the safe side, I will reboot to cnchi, repeat all mounts and chroot, and then execute this new command, but not anymore that grub-install command??

  • exactly!

  • Ok, I will try get to that PC at some point…
    All this sounds like efibootmgr installation and executing this *initcpio command during grub-install are missing from cnchi… ? Or is my mobo/BIOS somehow special?

    I guess the sauna is already warm enough… :-D

  • “mkinitcpio is a Bash script used to create an initial ramdisk environment”
    This is what grub will load to start the system, may a rebuild is needed to fix a successfull bootup.
    efibootmgr is needed for grub to build the ensemble acting with EFI.
    This is all magically to me but it will force your MOBO/Bios/EFI to BOOT!

  • You made it again @joekamprad!

    Thanks a million! After the sauna, I shortly had a chance to execute that mkinitcpio command, and indeed, after reboot, your magic happened!

    Some time tomorrow, I need to check closer, but at least the graphical environment started. I did not log in yet, but I can try to close this issue, if I only can with this mobile interface. Then I can start monitoring, if any unexpected freezes still happen.

    Vielen Dank für ihre ausgezeichnete Hilfe!

  • GREAT!

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  • @joekamprad said in PC stops responding:

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    Marvelous :) ;)

  • Wau!

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