• Windows Boot Manager replaced SysteMD

    What do?
    I have fresh installs of Anteros and Windows 7 on the same harddrive.
    Anteros is located on two partitions, unencrypted /boot and encrypted /.
    Windows 7 is encrypted with VeraCrypt.
    I don’t need EFI Windows Boot Manager, i have VeraCrypt Boot Manager so SysteMD can replace WBM.
    Please help.

  • @azor7878
    Cześć Janusz,
    how is your new install working? Do you still have problems? Which?

    P.S. Please don’t delete all your old posts. They may help other users with the same problem.

  • @pipep
    Hi, do i know you?
    It was working good until i installed windows and i can’t boot into linux becouse WBM replaced SysteMD.
    Sorry about that, not a big loss tho becouse there wasn’t really anything useful to me, or anybody else there.

  • @azor7878
    Ok, in this case you have to reinstall systemd-boot. To do this:

    1. boot from an antergos live CD or USB
    2. mount your antergos partition to /mnt and the EFI System Partition to /mnt/boot
    3. Change root to /mnt
    4. Reinstall bootctl

    May be it’s even easier. Please start a live Antergos and post the output of

  • I keep getting errors, somebody recomended me to reinstall linux one more time and now it should work fine so i will try that and report back.
    @pipep Możesz powiedzieć mi czy i skąd się znamy?

  • If you want to get help here, you have to post the error messages you get, otherwise we don’t know what problem you have.

    Edit: deleted personal info

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