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    Hi there, recently installed a bunch of CJK fonts from AUR and my Korean and Chinese characters are fine but my Japanese font seems to be really jagged and ugly looking. How do I fix this?

    alt text

    Running XFCE if that helps!

  • Hi,

    Have you checked that you have these fonts installed?



  • I have these and I can see japanese characters perfectly and with a nice antialiasing:

    noto-fonts 20170307-2
    opendesktop-fonts 1.4.2-4
    ttf-arphic-ukai 0.2.20080216.1-5
    ttf-arphic-uming 0.2.20080216.1-5
    ttf-baekmuk 2.2-9
    ttf-bitstream-vera 1.10-11
    ttf-caladea 20130214-1
    ttf-carlito 20130920-1
    ttf-courier-prime 1.203-2
    ttf-dejavu 2.37-1
    ttf-droid 20121017-5
    ttf-freefont 20120503-4
    ttf-hanazono 20160201-2
    ttf-hannom 2005-4
    ttf-heuristica 1.0.2-2
    ttf-impallari-cantora 1.001-1 (impallari-fonts)
    ttf-inconsolata 20151221.480630d-1
    ttf-liberation 2.00.1-7
    ttf-merriweather 2.001-1
    ttf-merriweather-sans 1.006-3
    ttf-monapo 20090423-6
    ttf-mplus TESTFLIGHT_062-1
    ttf-nanum 3.1-5
    ttf-nanumgothic_coding 2.5-1
    ttf-opensans 1.10-1
    ttf-oswald 4.002-1
    ttf-quintessential 1.001-3
    ttf-sazanami 20040629-9
    ttf-signika 1.000-3
    ttf-symbola 9.00-1
    ttf-tw 1:20130103-2
    ttf-ubuntu-font-family 0.83-2
    ttf-unfonts-core 1.0.2-8
    ttf-vlgothic 20141206-1

    I’m positive that not all of these are necessary.


  • @karasu

    Hi there, I’ve just installed all of these fonts but I’m still having the same problem. At a total loss on what to do.

  • @karasu

    That’s done the trick, moreso adding the CJK lines to the local.conf as was suggested by someone below. Now looks nice and clean.

    Thanks for all the help!

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