• Post flagged as spam?

    Hi everyone,

    I’m having issues with the mirrorlist and I’m trying to post my question in the right category… It doesn’t work and says my post is spam.

    0_1492386752861_Capture d'écran de 2017-04-16 19-50-15.png

    What can I do?


  • Try it again, it should work now 😄

  • I’m re-writing it at the moment, will do in a couple of minutes. Thanks :D

  • Still not working :(

  • I couldn’t remember if it was one or two upvotes that disables the spam filter…it must be two though. Try it once more 😅

  • I guess it must be more than 2 😄 . Still not working!

  • Okay I set it to two so now it better work! 😆

  • YAY!!! It worked after refreshing the page. Thanks a lot! 😙

  • So it did work but it doesn’t show here ?

    0_1492394941522_Capture d'écran de 2017-04-16 22-08-15.png

  • Nevermind, it shows lower, which is weird since I sorted by date. 😵

  • ^

    what font IS THAT ? ? ?

  • Got the same problem: the spam filter prevents me from asking my question in the right category. I understand the need for one, but isn’t it counter-productive to block new users like that?

  • @Fel Preventing the forum from unwanted stuff is not that easy nowadays…
    Simple try again and may do not use links for the first posts.

    If problem persist, we can ask @developers have a look to it…

  • Thanks! I can post as long as there’s no link included - but I can’t add them in a second post either.

  • I think you need to wait a bit to be able to include links… if you want them now i can include them for you if you give them to me via chat…

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