• Dash doesn't follow icon theme after reboot


    This is a tiny issue, but I’d love to see the back of it.

    Antergos comes with the beautiful Numix-Square icons by default, and I love them. However, after rebooting, the icons in the dash always revert to the default Adwaita icons. Everywhere else, the correct icon theme is displayed, but not in the Dash.

    I’ve been “fixing” this issue by launching Tweak Tool on boot, switching the icon theme to something else, then switching it back to Numix-Square. This solves the problem, but it’s a little annoying to have to do this everytime I boot up.

    Does anyone know of a way to stop this happening? Maybe a script which reapplies the icon theme after loading GNOME?

    I’d really appreciate any help I can get to smooth over one of the few rough edges in this distro.

  • Is it a permissions issue?
    I’m only guessing but you could try
    sudo chown -R ChrisGibbs /home/ChrisGibbs

    sudo chmod -R 777 /home/ChrisGibbs

  • @Modisc

    I tried those commands. They made no difference with regards to the Dash icons, though they did cause “tracker-extract” to completely lose its mind and start using 600MiB+ of RAM on an idle desktop.

  • @Modisc To be clear - that tracker issues was temporary, and everything went back to normal after 10 mins or so, so no harm done.

  • sorry. I had no idea that it would cause that kind of problems. My apologies

    would you have dconf editor installed?
    you can try and have a look inside org >gnome >desktop there might be something like interface or icons or something like that where you can inspect the type of icons you want.
    No guarantee though that this will work though.
    Probably nothing there. It’s just an idea, that’ all.

    Another idea is if librsvg is installed. (I doubt that is the issue though).
    Again, no guarantee. If it doesn’t do anything, you can always uninstall.

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