• How to dual boot and use Win 8.1 bootloader on a BIOS PC?

    I have Win 8.1 and installed Antergos in dual boot, but it didn’t booted so I had to repair Windows installation. How do I make it work? Thanks in advance.

  • Well, my computer is a bit old and it doesn’t support UEFI, only BIOS, so those links didn’t helped me.

  • Hello.
    You’ll have to ignore the entire EFI issue.
    I am assuming that you want to keep the Windows system.
    First, you’ll have to navigate into your BIOS.
    YOu’ll have to disable Secure Boot. You can also enable LEGACY booting.
    Disable FAST STARTUP since your going to be dual bootiing with windows.
    Boot into Antergos from your USB.
    Use Gparted to make a partition for your new Linux install.
    Install Linux within that new partition.
    If your current HDD does not have a SSD, then you’ll have to also partition another drive for SWAP partition.

    Has this helped?
    Please post your results.

  • I tried to setup my PC with Win7 and Antergos for the last 5 days, and it wasn’t possible, no matter what turorials or instructions I followed. All I did was to wipe my harddrive a couple of times.

    Get a sceond PC for Linux is my advice. Don’t even think about dual-booting as it will only make your system unstable or unusable.

  • no. I disagree with that. there are many people who dual boot with either linux-linux or linux-windows.
    I once did many years ago where I had a linux-windows config.
    Now it’s just linux-linux of course.

    I assume you created a partition either through the windows partition manager or through Gparted (comes with the Live USB you probably created).

    Honestly, I wish I was there to do it for you as I’d show you how.

    You install Linux using the “Something Else” option.

    1.Would you please mind posting in as much detail the EXACT steps you’ve undertaken with the BIOS settings.
    2,Did you change anything there?
    3.If so, what settings?
    4.Would you please describe what and how you are making your partitions for the Linux install.

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