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    Just trying out Antergos XFCE in VB (5.1.8 under Win 10), it looks neat and I am interested in setting for dual boot later. Received several updates, all went without a glitch, great!

    On login screen (it appeared after 10 minutes of inactivity) I loved the style and wallpaper selection panel. However, CPU usage of host sys raised to 40% and it stays that way till I enter password and login to DE. Can VBox be responsible for this?

    Then I played with Shutdown, Hibernate, Suspend icons which are cool. Pressed Hibernate and Cancel in popup, and after that tried Suspend but popup didn’t show. Then tried Shutdown + Cancel
    and after that Hibernate stopped showing popup.

    Is there a ticket for such behaviour?

  • Ok, i updated to latest VBox x64 but problems stay without a change. Antergos was installed from antergos-minimal-17.4-x86_64 + XFCE desktop. High CPU load on login screen leads to very strong hot air flow and may even damage internals I guess (todays notebooks frequently are supplied with cooling solutions not fully appropriate for intensive computational loads).

    Wait for your kind suggestions.

  • @ixbi Welcome to Antergos!
    Are you running VB on an older computer?
    You should be able to see what is causing the high CPU usage in Windows task manager. If it is from VB (and it probably is) it’s probably because you are running an OS inside an OS.
    The hot air flow is not good.
    The only other thing I can think of is that the processor itself is not designed to provide hardware-backed virtualization, so it relays on software. That leads to higher CPU usage. At least, that’s what this says.
    Best of luck!

  • 0_1492547295060_Antegros - CPU Usage.png

    PC has enough power for virtualization - Intel i7 4710 + 8 GB Ram + 2 TB. And this high CPU load occurs only when Antergos is idle at LOGIN Screen (call it LOCK Screen maybe). On XFCE desktop it drops to 5-10%.
    Is it OK?

  • @ixbi I honestly don’t know. You should probably wait until someone with more experience answers.

  • @ixbi Which Display Manager do you use? I had plenty of issues with LightDM (Video playback errors, weird behaviour when closing and opening the laptop’s lid…) and moved to GDM (because I use GNOME). Now everything seems fine.

    So you might want to use LXDE if you haven’t done so yet. You find Information in the Antergos and Arch wiki. They don’t let me post links because Aksimet doesn’t like them.

  • Using 18.9 minimal with xfce in Vmware VM. It also has high CPU usage.
    Is it to do with VMs or same issue on actual hardware?

  • The standard logon screen uses web technology, using the Browser Engine Webkit. Without hardware acceleration the CPU load can certainly be increased. But Webkit is a big deal anyway and I would suggest switching to lightdm-gtk-greeter. Anyone who has ever used Xubuntu knows it. Lightweight and you don’t have to press Return to enter the password.

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