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    Why does Antergos ship gcab?

    Recently I read that Antergos repo should be the top one, so I moved it there. And I got a message that gcab and python-polib are newer than in Antergos. While I can understand shipping older Python library (maybe API broke and some Antergos app isn’t yet updated), but why do you ship old gcab? Did the command-line interface change so dramatically in version 0.7?

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    I am none too sure. I see that gcab is for windows .cab files.
    Maybe for Wine?

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    Well, that’s possible. :​) But I don’t mean “what is gcab used for”, I mean “why isn’t the newer version shipped by Arch good enough”.

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    I didn’t package gcab, but there must be some dependency requirement for another repo package, I really don’t know (and I’m a bit lazy to check).

    I’m sure @lots.0.logs knows, but he’s really busy lately.

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    As far as i can see it is now removed from Antergos Repo.
    So that you get the version from archlinux/extra now.

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    I just noticed when updating, thanks. :​)

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