• What's your favourite non-standard Linux software?

    Hey guys,
    What do you guys immediately install when you get a new distro/installation of linux and the programs you use daily and couldn’t do without?

    I’ll start:

    ♦ powerline - statusline plugin for vim and other
    ♦ htop - top but better
    ♦ wine - run windows programs
    ♦ redshift - colour temperature adjustment tool
    ♦ virtualbox - virtualization

    • zim - notes taking application
    • reflector - mirrors optimizer
    • fsarchiver - partitions and dirs backup and restore
    • gparted - partitions editor
    • geany or kate - text editor
    • meld or kompare - files and dirs comparing
    • zsh with oh-my-zsh (agnoster) / solarized color scheme / powerline fonts
    • nano - my former choice of text editors
    • vim - still trying to get into it
    • dropbox
    • truecrypt - for legacy reasons
    • texstudio - imho best LaTeX GUI (texlive+xetex)
    • multimedia stuff (rapid-photo-downloader 0.9.0b2 / darktable / geeqie / kdenlive / vlc / codecs)
    • keepass2 - password manager
    • filezilla - sftp to my server
    • ruby + jekyll + git - static website generator

    That’s all I can think of right now …

  • I don’t have many, but having just installed Antergos, the first thing I added was:

    • ICE-SSB - a single-site browser that lets me set up web pages as applications. I use it for things like Netflix, gMail, and Google Calendar

    I also plan to install Audacity and some sort of video editor very soon.

  • Hi,

    Mine are:

    • git
    • glances (like top, but better)
    • atom (editor)
    • avidemux (video converter)
    • docker
    • powerline
    • i3+compton (wm)
    • virtualbox
    • mpv (video player)

    I just discovered emby as media server. I highly recommend it.

    • Darktable
    • Zim Desktop Wiki
    • Lyx
    • Ghostwriter
    • Zotero
  • hi,
    for me:

    vim, powerline, gruvbox colors, vim-python-mode-git
    i3blocks, i3gaps, compton

  • radiotray
    google chrome
    redshift & redshift-control plasmoid

  • I quite can’t live with these software that is not included with the OS:

    Oracle JDK & JRE
    WPS Office

    Now since the new Gnome, I won’t need redshift anymore.

  • Darktable, Tintii, LuminanceHDR,

    Fslint, Meld,

    Master PDF Editor, PDFsam,

    Thunderbird, Viber, Skype

  • Well, I had a variety of audio and video applications when I was using Fedora. But now that started this Antergos journey, I have only installed something like:

    • Amarok and Clementine (probably one of them was automatically installed)
    • Audacity (maybe the worst of its kind, but when working, does excellent job)
    • Jubler (for creating subtitles for videos, not yet used in Antergos)
    • Gparted (just to know how to do it, and debug those external USB hard disks which are misused by TVs)
    • VLC

    I will probably install more once I get this PC really working.

  • Oh, I forgot ReZound which does what Audacity does not… :)

  • My first packages to install after a fresh install:

    • Glances (like top, but better)
    • Thunderbird (for all my e-mail needs)
    • joe (editor)
    • Virtualbox
    • youtube-dl
    • Guake (nice drop-down terminal)
    • GIMP
    • FileZilla
    • Hexchat

    Also install some fonts and themes to get things set up the way I like.

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