• Can't Start Gparted....

    Hello Everyone,

    For some reason it appears that my gparted has stopped working (I used a few weeks ago without any issues). I cannot launch the application from my Gnome DE at all.

    I tried firing it up in the Terminal to get the specific error:
    Error below:
    [[email protected] ~]$ sudo gparted [sudo] password for aahmad: Created symlink /run/systemd/system/-.mount → /dev/null. Created symlink /run/systemd/system/boot-efi.mount → /dev/null. Created symlink /run/systemd/system/home.mount → /dev/null. Created symlink /run/systemd/system/run-user-1000.mount → /dev/null. Created symlink /run/systemd/system/run-user-120.mount → /dev/null. Created symlink /run/systemd/system/tmp.mount → /dev/null. Created symlink /run/systemd/system/var-lib-machines.mount → /dev/null. No protocol specified
    **(gpartedbin:1784): Gtk-WARNING : cannot open display: :0 Removed /run/systemd/system/-.mount. Removed /run/systemd/system/boot-efi.mount. Removed /run/systemd/system/home.mount. Removed /run/systemd/system/run-user-1000.mount. Removed /run/systemd/system/run-user-120.mount. Removed /run/systemd/system/tmp.mount. Removed /run/systemd/system/var-lib-machines.mount.

    Anyone have any ideas on how I can get gparted working again please?


  • gparted
    gparted wants to run as root. Before starting it, allow root user to display applications on your desktop by typing the following in a command line. Refer GNOME bug 772875.

    xhost si:localuser:root

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  • @joekamprad – Thanks for the update! Running this command, will the change persist after a reboot?

    Just want to make sure the change sticks / persists correctly.

  • Thanks @joekamprad ! Got it fully working again under Wayland.

    Appreciate the help sir! =)


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