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    I also installed ICE-SSB (a single site browser that allows me to treat web sites as applications) from the AUR, and I now have Netflix and my Google Calendar set up as apps I can launch from my Favorites bar. (I did the latter because I have Google calendars I can view but not edit, and I was not able to add them to Gnome Calendar because I don’t have the Google passwords for those accounts.)

  • I used Firefox for a long time but it started taking forever to open 7 got slow doing most stuff. Been on Chromium since. I then got a few niggles with that so checked out Opera which runs & looks fantastic but no amount of trying could get vidoes playing on FB & Twitter (even though it is based on Chromium) so I tried Vivaldi … and we have a winner. Fast & looks great too.

  • @Uzi - I’ve heard some really good things about Vivaldi. I definitely need to check it out.

  • @RoundRWay - It does. I just tested it yesterday and then set up an SSB (site-specific browser) for it using ICE. So I now have a one-click app on my favorites bar to launch Netflix. I did have to enable DRM on the SSB, and you can disable it in Preferences.

  • I’ve always been a Firefox user because of it’s customizability and add-ons. I’ve tried Chomium and still keep it or a browser that’s based off of it as a backup. Chromium is faster in many ways, but Firefox gives me so much more. Except for the frequent hangs though :P

    On Android I’m not that satisfied with Firefox as on the desktop though. I wish they would add more customizability for one.

    In the past I also used Opera for some time. Was satisfied of it, but since they moved to Chromium, there was no reason for me to choose it anymore, because of better alternatives being available.

    I’m also looking forward to the new Servo engine, that’s supposed to speed things up quite a bit.

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