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    I know it’s a fool’s errand to ask, but I will anyway. What, in your opinion, is the best browser to use as your main browser? I’m preparing to install Antergos, so I will likely choose Chromium or Firefox to install, but I’m not all that excited about either of them.

    I currently use Firefox (in Peppermint 7) and usually have 10-20 tabs open at any given time. After a while, RAM usage climbs, reaching as much as 6 or 7 GB of the 8 GB I have available. I have Chrome installed on my current system (for Netflix), but I tend not to use it much because of the privacy concerns, so I don’t know how it compares.

    I used to use Opera (back in the 3.x series days) and have also hear about various other options: Vivaldi, Pale Moon, etc. I’m okay with having a couple of browsers installed if necessary, but would prefer just one (space is not a problem, but one of the appeals of Antergos is the chance to basically install only what I want and not much else).

    I use Facebook, gMail, Netflix, BBC News, and YouTube, so I obviously want to be able to play web videos and watch video content. Given those parameters, what are your choices/suggestions? (I think I read on the Manjaro forums that Vivaldi can be made to work with Netflix, and I also heard that Firefox can now work with Netflix, though I don’t know what is involved.)

    As a side note, does anyone use ICE-SSB, the single site browser app developed by Peppermint and now available in the AUR? I use it for Netflix. Thanks everyone.

  • My choice is chromium, but that is mostly because it’s the fastest sync from my phone.

    I used Firefox for a while but this was only so I could use side tabs, but my main use of the browser is as a tv now! so I’m not bothered so much, and I found a bookmark addon called Neater which has a 1-click for bookmarks, and the fact I can stop the DE border (ie use system border?) is a nice feature.

  • @WaltH Hi!
    You can install a VM and test all browsers you want, While using them and opening tabs, videos etc you can look the RAM and PC usage through conky.
    I did that time ago, and rarely you’ll find an alternative browser that can do everything the most common browsers do.
    I recommend Opera as i said to you in another post (i posted a picture there with ram usage)
    Also consider which extensions you use (not every extensions are available to all browsers)
    If you are using KDE and Gnome they’ll come with their browsers too.

  • @fernandomaroto - Thanks for the VM suggestion. I haven’t used a VM before (at least not knowingly), so I will give that some thought. I’ve read some good things about Opera and liked it years ago when I used it, so I’ll definitely give that another look.

    One of the thing I worry about (and feel like I’ve experienced in the past) is installing something, later deciding I don’t like or want it anymore, and uninstalling it only to find there are still bits related to that software or required by it that get left behind to take up space. So the VM might be a good option. Thanks again.

  • My daily browser is Chromiun, which is very fast to work with.
    Firefox is much slower and on top takes up a lot of screen space.

    In addition Chromiun has an instant translator for Spanish, like Firefox NO.

    For Netflix there is no other option than using Google-Chrome, since from version 37, if I remember correctly, comes native to Netflix, ahh and also instantly translates Spanish. (Life is not easy here, if you do not know English … ;) )

    Otherwise, Gmail, YouTube, etc. Remains as it was installed.

    Using Gnome Version 3.22.2

  • I don’t think there is anything to worry about stuff left behind because most browsers are gtk based so any dependancies that get left behind will be used by your next trial 😀

  • Use either Chromium or Firefox. No other one has sync capabilities comparable to these two. It’s important if there are many Linuxes, installed on different computers, or many Android devices in use.

    Firefox is probably more suitable for computers. Especially in multi-language environments. Has more extensions. is more customizable. Has some hiccups and long delays while syncs between many Linuxes and Androids.

    If there are many Android devices in use, then go for Chromium. Being the native Android browser (its Chrome fork), integrates perfectly with every Android version. Less extensions, less customization. Instantly syncs between Linuxes and Androids, no matter how many devices are being synced.

    Having them both in Linux and Android is probably a good choice.

  • @just - Interesting take. I’ve never really though about syncing between my computer and my Android devices. I only have the one Linux computer (can’t convince anyone else in the family to run Linux) and two Android devices (a Samsung tablet and what I call a semi-smart phone). I gather with only three devices to worry about, syncing hiccups and delays would not be an issue?

  • Sorry for the @just intrusion

    @WaltH said in Favorite Browser:

    I gather with only three devices to worry about, syncing hiccups and delays would not be an issue?

    I estimate that no, since each computer will work according to its established hardware and against that nothing can be done, in synthesis corresponds to the speed of each one.

  • @WaltH said in Favorite Browser:

    …I gather with only three devices to worry about, syncing hiccups and delays would not be an issue?

    No, there will be no issue at all on three devices.

    Chromium is faster and lighter. Firefox may seem to be a bit slower and heavy. Firefox is smarter than Chromium in highly customized environments.

    Chromium matches perfectly modern portable devices. Firefox is ideal for older computers, like laptops and netbooks.

  • Personally I like Firefox because it is a bit better for privacy. I would really not recommend IE or Edge for obvious reasons. Opera is pretty fantastic, though I have had some issues with things not working. Google Chrome is good, but at the expense of all of your data being sent to Google (but the same goes for everything). Chromium is pretty good, and I heard that someone somewhere unGoogled it.

    Best of luck!

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  • @just - Thanks. I’m still figuring out my way around the forum.

  • @moredoor Chromium is not entirely “unGoogled” yet, there is a projet somewhere in github about it, but none version was released yet.

  • @WaltH No problem. I was learning to use Antergos forum interface for months :) .

  • @just - I like the look of it, though it does take a bit of getting used to. At least, that seems to be the case for this older user.

  • @WaltH said in Favorite Browser:

    @just - I like the look of it, though it does take a bit of getting used to. At least, that seems to be the case for this older user.

    Yes, the forum is different from traditional phpBB. But it works fine here, in Antergos. Better than in other so called “modern” alternaive forums. It might worth a try to get used to Antergos forum format.

  • I was using Firefox since it was released. Then a year or two after Chrome came out I started using that.

    I was using that up until this year. I am now using Firefox again.

    I also use Chromium for work stuff but wish I didn’t have too. I no longer have any Google products or anything related except for that.

    That all being said I don’t have a favourite. I actually haven’t been happy or excited or anything with a browser in a long time. It’s all the same blah now.

  • I went ahead and installed Firefox as the default browser with my new installation of Antergos. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could log into Netflix and watch content without doing anything to Firefox.

  • @WaltH said in Favorite Browser:

    Me sorprendió gratamente encontrar que podía iniciar sesión en Netflix y ver el contenido sin hacer nada para Firefox.

    Oooh I just tried Netflix in Firefox and now if you can see and I get some!

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