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    Hello Antergos People

    I am quite new to the distro and not a power user. This installation is the second time I install Antergos.
    My first installation was perfect, which made me LOVE Antergos and Arch.

    As I Installed Antergos everything seemed fine but afterwards several packages was missing ?!

    And example is: “gnome-control-center”, without which i could not open “settings”. In general my system acts a bit weird and I am suspecting that more missing packages are the culprit. Example is: “create link” in “nautilus” does nothing when pressed.

    Is there a way for me to get a list of all packages that should have been installed. or to fix this in some other (easier) way.

    Thanks for guidance !

  • @Janus Did you by chance delete anything via add/remove software? I did this and had a similar problem because of the packages that were also deleted.

  • @moredoor Wow, You are right. I just looked through my history. And it sais that I have removed a number of packages. I was only aware of removing a few unused programs like pidgin and brasero. but it also lists a number of other packages.
    I will reinstall them ASAP. Thanks for the help !

  • @Janus No problem! I just booted the OS from USB again, but you can probably just reinstall the packages.

    Best of luck!

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