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    If I have a choice between a QT or a GTK front end, generally speaking, which would be a better more modern choice?

  • Rather than choosing gtk or qt, your choice is more relevant when applied to which DE you like and which applications are available for it. What gtk and qt CAN do is abstract - you have to look at an application to see what the developers have DONE with it, that is unless you are a developer and want to know which will serve your needs best.

    I recently watched a video about an application developer leaving gtk for qt and he had very good reasons - his application looked better, was more functional and was easier for him and his team to work with.

    But these are developer considerations and what usually happens before something gets to userland is that the developers work around the problems so we may never see the limitations or the advantages and disadvantages.

    Gnome are talking about using gtk4 (mainly adds gl acceleration for animation) so that may make it better.

    Personally I don’t like Gnome for it’s visuals and limiting lack of options but that’s clearly not all about gtk. So in my opinion I would promote KDE which uses qt which I think is ahead of the game right now.

  • Thank you. I run KDE; so it’s good to know that KDE is written in qt. I wasn’t aware of that. I’ll take your advice and install both the GTK and qt front ends for Wireshark and see which looks better. I’m not thrilled with some GTK apps. Breeze Dark is set as my theme across the board, but it’s not great. Some GTK apps are difficult to read and I switch to High Contrast when I run them. For example ClamTk looks awful with any dark theme and some text is completely unreadable unless selected. Still, KDE is the best DE I’ve ever used.

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