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    I’m looking for a new laptop and now with Easterweekend in sight, there are some interesting deals.
    My question is: Will Antergos run on the latest generation Intel processors and newer AMD/NVIDIA cards or should I buy one with an “older” (previous) generation processor.
    The thing is; I fell in love with the HP Spectre X360 and with the discount deal (21% off) it fits within my budget. It has an Intel I5-7200U onboard and no designated videocard.
    The important thing is that I want Antergos as my main systeem and Windows just for fallback or firmware upgrades. Since I’m currently working on an old MacBook Pro, I’m not really keen on using Windows a lot. (Macs are excluded from the deal, in case you wondered)
    I’m looking forward to your advice.

  • Lenovo ThinkPad ??? same specs, more solid case, price less ;)

  • Thanks, this gives me more to think about. the store also sells it and it’s included in the Easterdeal. The only “downside” that I have to do is to face the crowd on easter monday. Because it’s only valid on that day and only in the physical store. But there are worse things to do 😅 (Du hasst es mir sehr schwierig gemacht. I’m sorry for the bad German, it’s a long time ago I wrote in German and I don’t know the key combination for the ringel S)
    So taken by your solid reputation on this forum, the latest cpu isn’t a problem, then?

  • CPU never should be a problem if we talk about INTEL/AMD.
    Problems mostly comes with GPU and WIFI-Chipset…

  • Thank you for your reply.

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