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    I don’t get with all the hate with Systemd. Could someone shed a light what makes it bad? Some think its spyware. Anyone?

  • In my opinion, it’s primarily because it doesn’t follow the Unix type standard that has been in place for so many years, everything being file-based, one thing for one job etc. The compaints are from people who understand the original design and believe it was right so anything that doesn’t conform to those standards should have been rejected at the start gate. It’s a bit like putting a mid-spec Ford engine in a Ferrari which would upset most Ferrari enthusiasts and especially any Ferrari trained mechanic that was made to work on it because it doesn’t work like the rest of the car and doesn’t suit his/her training (add to this the notion that all Ferraris will now be shipped with the same Ford engine). I know it’s a slightly obtuse analogy but you should get the picture: Linux was based on Unix, Unix was well thought out in it’s design, and systemd stuck it’s fingers up at it and went it’s own way, and kind of turned Linux into a hybrid.

    There’s also a fair argument to be made that it was developed in some of the same way that Microsoft do everything - they ignore the rest of the world, everything they ship is lower spec than the rest, and they always try to re-invent the wheel rather than sharing with technology that is already proven. It always seemed to me this was about IP - owning and making money from their designs but this always got in the way of advancement and didn’t serve the customer so well.

    Not all of the above can be said about systemd but some of it, so it can remind people of ‘the enemy’.

    Now that it’s becoming a standard, it will become more of a requirement (for DE’s etc) so it’s better that it is the only standard so as the development isn’t diluted.

    I’m using it and it is working fine but I know I would struggle with fixing anything. I gave up arguing about it a short while ago and decided if something goes wrong I’ll rely on others who can get their heads around it 😑

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