• Installation Questions: partitions and wireless

    I am taking a serious look at Antergos, but I have a couple of questions before pulling the trigger on installation. First, can I simply install Antergos to an existing Linux partition (where Peppermint 7 is currently installed) while leaving my other existing partitions (/home and /swap) untouched? (I do have file backed up, but I’d rather not have to do a lot of moving of files unless necessary.)

    Second, I know Antergos downloads many of the files it needs during the installation process. Should/Will this work with a wireless connection, or do I need to be wired in order to install? The Installing Antergos article on the Wiki does not load for me, and the heading says the article needs updating. Thanks.

  • Yes you can choose manual partition and use /home and swap, but recommend to backup config files or simply move them out of the way, because of different structure for them, i mean the stuff inside your home partition, under .config .local e.t.c. , and of cause backup your personal data is always recommended caus of failures you can do or happen during installation.

    Downloading packages over wireless is no problem with a stable and fast Internet connection.

    Installation process is simple and Self explanatory… here you can see the installer: http://kamprad.net/howto-installing-antergos/

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