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    I just picked up a new game that is actually available for Linux (on steam) but sadly they suck at PC games.

    This means to have a good experience you need a controller. I’m curious as to if an xbox controller will work on Antergos.

    If so, does any Xbox controller work? I need to pick one up so I want to make sure I get one that works. I’ll probably be getting the cheapest option which I believe will be a USB wired Xbox 360 controller.

  • I was just playing Talos Principle in Steam Linux when I read your question, using the keyboard and so I plugged my USB Xbox wired controller in and mid-game it switched to it with no problems. Movement is fine and buttons work, I’ve only just started the game so that’s all I know of but seems to me to be fine.

    Also, I use the steam controller (wireless) with desktop settings to my preference to control Chromium browser (as a TV) from my sofa and it works fine with everything so I think Antergos is set up for controllers perfectly.

  • Was expecting more replies but alright.

    I will take that as hopefully it should work. Will be looking to get a xbox 360 wired controller.


  • Just another thought… in the past, the only problem I know of with Xbox controllers was due to drifting when the movement thumb stick was at rest, a character on screen would continue to move and because this couldn’t be changed in KDE, there were many options for different drivers and solutions.

    So what I’m saying is that if it works the way I saw in Talos Principle it will just work (unless you’re unlucky enough to want to play Bastion) 😢

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