• Live View freezes when it reaches "Choose your Desktop"

    Good night people.

    My name’s Diogo and I am trying this distro.

    So far not so much luck…I read that it might be a problem related to the nvidia card as it says here: http…bumblebee-for-nvidia-optimus/

    Right now the live installer sometimes freezes at boot others when I choose the Desktop Environment. Any thoughts?
    I am sad because I really want to try this distro. Looks awesome.

    Tried Arch but the GUI kept showing me a blank screen (black, no light, nothing)

    Hardware: msi ge62 6qd apache pro

  • try to blacklist the nouveau on bootup with adding this to kernel parameter:


    differ on your startup hardware specification (Bios/UEFI) where to put.

  • I did.

    I will mark this as solved, thank you.

    What I did was this… created an usb, when appeared the option to boot. Press E, at the end of the string delete “quiet splash” and add “modprobe.blacklist=nouveau nouveau.modeset=0 text” and press enter. It should work

    This is only for those who have the problem with nouveau and nvidia GPU’s

    Other guide:


  • where do you find the blacklist nomodeset parameters?
    I am always unsure which are the right ones, because I find different variants.

  • well of that I do not know but I searched on google and was trying which one would not me freeze… and I guess the nouveau.modeset=0 did the job. Now I have the Antergo installed

  • @djvas89 WELCOME :)

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