• Delayed wake/resume from suspend state

    Hello Everyone 😀,
    Newbie to this forum.

    Macbook Pro 13" Early 2015 A1502
    Running Antergos in GNOME
    Everything seems to be working fine except some display stuttering but that occurs rarely.
    Installed it only today and was using the live version for sometime. I have checked through the suspend state problems from the forum but cannot find one relating to the one I have. Sorry if I failed to check in the right place.
    So my issue is that when I close the laptop lid to suspend the machine and after I reopen the lid, gets a black screen and the lock screen doesn’t show up till 10-15 secs. If I lock the screen and then close the lid it wont go to suspend state. I can see the apple logo still glowing 😟

  • It seems the issue might get fixed if I try a different greeter theme. Currenty using webkit2. Could anyone guide how to install other greeter. Probably pantheon or unity. I did try downloading using yaourt but it seems to be installing a lot than I asked, I cant tell the difference. Please guide how to properly install.

  • Try GDM:

    sudo pacman -S gdm
    sudo systemctl -f disable lightdm
    sudo systemctl -f enable gdm
    sudo reboot
  • @joekamprad I did try this before as suggested in another post. Didnt quite workout. gdm was worse for me. Suspend feature never worked on my Macbook. So reverted back to lightdm itself. In this the suspend feature works as it should, just this slow/lag thing thats bugging me. Sometimes on opening the lid, it shows the desktop in a flash instead of lock screen.
    Would like to try changing the greeter to see if that makes any difference.

  • Its been over a week I installed antergos and slowly everything is coming into place. I installed this mainly because OSX was failing to detect the keyboard and trackpad. Once I installed antergos, they are working fine. Seems the driver for OSX was no longer working. I am quite happy with antergos as of now. Fixed the WiFi, display issue, natural scrolling, fonts issue 👍 . Just this one thing left 😫

  • You can use
    lightdm-gtk-greeter + lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings
    jus install both packages and change the config:

    sudo nano  /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

    change config line greeter-session= to:

  • Theme got simpler but no change unfortunately. Any other greeter package to be tried?

  • @joekamprad It shows webkit2 rite. I am using it currently though.
    what about the ones mentioned in AUR.

  • web-greeter-next next generation webkit greeter …
    What else i do not understand what the greeter should change on your issue…
    LightDM may caus the problem or light-locker.

  • @joekamprad I was checking if changing the greeter will make the resume after suspend faster or not. Tried using 2 other greeters but made no change.
    Anyway to check if light-locker is causing issues in my case?

  • for me only the combination of GDM and Gnome make stuff like Suspend system or Monitor work…

    But Suspend also have to do with stuff like Bluetooth and Wireless and Audio… they can caus issues on wakeup

  • you can try adding this to kernel parameter at bootup and see if it helps:

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