• I'm new to Linux, and I picked Antergos, but I have some questions!

    1- first question: I have switchable graphics Intel/AMD, how can I use AMD as my main gpu, and how am I supposed to switch between them? also, do I need to download AMD driver, or do I have it out of the box?

    2- second question: Chrome is pretty tiny so it’s hard to see anything, should I just zoom in and make it 125%, or is there’s a better fix for that problem?

    3- How can I switch between languages in Gnome using Alt-shift?

  • 2- In gnome tweak tool, you can set a scaling factor for fonts, which will enlarge fonts throughout. If it is only the browser content that is too small, just use zoom. In am running the Zoom page extension in Firefox, with a setting of 150% default zoom.

    3- Look in settings - Keyboard. You have a section “typing”, which mentions Super+Space as the hotkey to switch to another input source.

    For clarity on the forum, it is better to open one thread for one specific question. Mention the problem clearly in the topic title. This way, other people looking for solutions to a problem can more easily find it.

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