• CPU Load over 1000

    Hi just a quick question,
    my cpu load when i boot up is normally about 300 and it gradually gets bigger until it hits 1024/1025 then the load stays there (cpu usage is normal, on idle 1% average). I had this problem first with kdeconnect and the sshfs mount. This usually resolved when i disconnected the phone and rebooted. But since a few days this doesn’t work anymore. So I tried to disable kdeconnect on bootup, but the problem persists.
    Any idea how to check what is causing it?
    I use the 4.9.13 rt kernel, but the same issue occures on other kernels as well so I don’t think there lies the issue.
    My Desktop environment is i3wm.
    I have an Intel core i3 first generation.
    This whole problem doesn’t seem to cause any instability nor is it slowing down the system. But it is kind of disturbing.
    Any help is appreciated.

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