Hi !

I have a problem in the following scenario:

Printing server
Raspberry Pi with Raspian (jessy) and CUPS 1.7.5
locally attached and configured Canon Pixmar IP5200 via USB
Driver Gutenprint 5.2 is used

Desktop 1
Ubuntu 16.04 with CUPS 2.1.3
Printer appears automatically (via cups-browsed) and test page prints fine

Desktop 2
Antergos with CUPS 2.2.3
Network printer is found when I let the system search for it.
It makes no difference if I configure the network printer via system settings or CUPS web frontend. I also use here Gutenprint v5.2 driver.
When I print a test page I get some notification messages like


In the CUPS job history of Desktop 2 the jobs are marked as done. But no reaction on printer.

What could be the problem ? Where can I look ?

If you need more information like logs or something I will provide it.

Thanks in advance :)