• nouveau FAULT at boot of live system

    Right after i choose “Start Antergos Live” I got this error with nouveau:


    is there any way to fix this ?
    Wenn I try to boot manjaro i get a similar error but manjaro has the option to boot with none free drivers witch is working fine.

    Is this also possible with antergos ?

    System info: I got an nvidia gtx 970 and use the latest install medium of antergos

  • Hey @Nijco, this problem is very familiar to me. Before the recent few versions workaround was to boot the OS by adding NOMODESET under the boot kernel parameters but it doesn’t work anymore (at least for me)

    Here’s the only way I’ve been able to workaround the issue (also have gtx 970), nouveau doesn’t support gtx 970 unfortunately so the procedure is:

    • disable Nvidia GPU in bios or plug it out of the pc if there is no option in bios.
    • Plug your cable to the integrated GPU slot (usually DVI-D or VGA) ! IMPORTANT - with Nvidia disabled, its’ slots won’t work
    • boot Antergos live usb and install it
    • boot into the OS and run command: sudo pacman -S nvidia
    • after the installation is finished turn off the PC
    • plug the nvidia back in the motherboard, or enable it in bios
    • replug the cable into the Nvidia slot (either DP, DVI-D, HDMI…) ! IMPORTANT: it won’t boot through integrated GPU if it communicates with Nvidia
    • it should boot into Antergos without problems after you’ve preconfigured the Nvidia proprietary drivers with integrated GPU

    I wish you best of luck with installing and enjoying the OS!

    Best Regards,

  • Big thanks to @MaCroX95 from my fresh Antergos System for the detailed help, works properly now.

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