• Application to get web base app

    Is there an application to get web base app like Netflix, Youtube, etc?

  • Youtube “Apps”

    community/minitube 2.6-1
        A native YouTube client in Qt. Watch YouTube videos without Flash Player
        Terminal based YouTube jukebox with playlist management
    community/smtube 17.1.0-1
        A small youtube browser
    community/youtube-viewer 1:3.2.6-1
        Command line utility for viewing YouTube videos

    For netflix (from ArchWiki)

    Google Chrome Beta Channel — the beta version
    https://www.google.com/chrome || google-chrome-beta (AUR)

  • I was watching a review on a distro that was based on Arch and it had a application that you can enter the url of a website listed above and have an actual web base app with the icons. Not a big deal, but which Youtube web base app do you prefer joekamprad out of those 4 you mentioned?

  • For Youtube i recomment: youtube-viewer from terminal, and smtube for GUI butb this is a qt app and i use Gnome/GTK so i do not like to spam my system with qt-libs…

    For netflix you may see the Windows App used over wine?
    (there is a PKGBUILD on AUR: wine-browser-installer)

    Or this:

  • The last one worked. Cheers!!

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