• No such key 'scroll-method' in schema.....(error)

    Hi, new installation of antergos cinnamon here. 64bit. I get this error sometimes

    (1/9) Install DKMS modules
    ==> No kernel 4.10.8-1-ARCH headers. You must install them to use DKMS!
    (2/9) Compiling GSettings XML schema files...
    No such key 'scroll-method' in schema 'org.cinnamon.settings-daemon.peripherals.touchpad' as specified in override file '/usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/90_antergos.gschema.override'; ignoring override for this key.
    No such key 'keyboard-applet-use-flags' in schema 'org.cinnamon' as specified in override file '/usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/90_antergos.gschema.override'; ignoring override for this key.
    error parsing key 'overview-corner' in schema 'org.cinnamon' as specified in override file '/usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/90_antergos.gschema.override': 0-5:can not parse as value of type 'as'.Ignoring override for this key.
    (3/9) Updating icon theme caches...

    No kernel part I can fix, the no such key is the issue here. If anyone needs a log to be provided just say it. Thanks :)

  • @TheKardinals

    Hey, Arch user here trying to get used to Antergos, ran into this same exact error. It’s a problem with the defined settings inside the file /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/90_antergos.gschema.override

    I fixed it by editing the file in question and commenting out the defines that throw up the errors, which are under the [org.cinnamon] section in the file. You’ll want to comment out scroll-method, keyboard-applet-blahblah and overview-corner until it’s patched. Same thing for any other errors. It could be a problem with the new Gnome version, or something with Cinnamon and the default Antergos theme (most likely this). Also, I’d wager that you don’t use a touchpad, but if you DO use one, commenting this setting out is gonna cause an issue with Antergos skinning/themeing whatever OSD crap comes with a touchpad. Didn’t care enough to really dissect this more, but I’d be shocked if there wasn’t a bug report open.

  • @TheKardinals

    journalctl -b -0 > /tmp/journal
    journalctl -b -1 > /tmp/journal.last
    journalctl -b -2 > /tmp/journal.2last

    Who throws the console?

  • This was posted about two weeks ago and since then I’ve moved to KDE and don’t get these issues.

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