• Can't install Antergos Nvidia GTX1070

    hello everyone, i was using this distro on another PC and it works fine, but with the new PC it doesn’t, it seems there is a problem with my GPU, i have Nvidia GTX 1070 every time i boot i can see the Gnome desktop but only keyboard works and it is so slow, Mouse stuck in upper left corner, Anyone got any ideas how to fix this so i can install it?

  • Do you use the latest Iso?
    Bios System or UEFI?

    Newer GPU’s are not working properly with opensource nouveau driver so you will need to install nvidia driver.
    But first you need to get the installer working (cnchi)!
    As far as i understand latest iso with new Kernel should be able to start your GPU may you need to add:


    to kernel parameter at bootup, to get Mouse and better performance.
    Way of adding this depends on Bios/UEFI Boot system…

    You can try also to use the minimal ISO it has not Gnome as a base and may be more stable for installation with your GPU, the installer is exactly the same.

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  • Just use the proprietary Nvidia driver instead of Nouveau and start Gnome under xorg instead of that unfinished wayland experimental thing.

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