Hi everyone. I normally don’t post asking for help but I’m wondering if anyone else besides me has ran into similar stability issues with Archlinux/antergos on Ryzen series CPUs. My config at the moment is a Ryzen 1800X running on an Asus X370 Prime with 64 GB of Skill Aegis RAM. System boots off of an Intel 600p NVME drive (500 GB). For a video card I have a refurbished GT 730 (MSI brand, fanless design). Before installing Arch on this rig I tried a variety of distros and any of them that ran any kernel other than the mainline series (4.11rc(x) ) resulted in random lockups and crashes. For a while I believe I had a stable system with Ubuntu MATE running 4.11rcx. When I jumped on to Arch the 4.10.3 was the kernel it came with and it “seemed” stable for a while. I had it running for a day and a half, almost two days, and then crashes started happening again.

I’m now running 4.10.8 and the latest nvidia drivers that got pushes from the testing to the core line a few days ago. Today after nearly a 1 day of uptime I came home and the machine was hardlocked.
So what I can conclude is that my system is not stable whatsoever on the 4.10.x kernel series. I guess I am either going to have to wait for 4.11 to go from -mainline- to -stable- and see if that stablizes my system, or just say screw it and shudder use Windows 10 sad. I really really don’t want to resort to using windows though.

So my question is, am I the only one having this problem or is anyone else having stability issues with Ryzen CPUs on 4.10.x series kernels? By stability I mean hard-locks (black screen, locked keyboard, etc)

I am in the process of running memtest86 to see if there is a remote chance the RAM is bad, but I kinda doubt this is a likely problem. I am blaming it on the linux kernel for now. Before you ask, yes I am running the latest UEFI BIOS version. The next test would be to run the rig for a few days in Win 10 (have it installed on a separate SSD) and see if it’s stable in Windows.

Any info or replies are greatly appreciated.