• Nvidia Conflict on Update

    I am running of the kernal (and don’t really want to change, so not LTS). Everything has been fine until now. Well not everything, I have some graphical issues see this topic (https://forum.antergos.com/topic/6430/screen-tearing-display-issues-choppy-tearing-etc)

    I am also currently getting error messages in the terminal, any everywhere I install or do updates which may be related. See this topic (https://forum.antergos.com/topic/6506/random-error-messages)

    I have a few updates now and one of them is “nvidia” from 378.13-4 and the update is 378.13.5. When I run the update I get the following.

    0_1491435200722_Screenshot from 2017-04-05 19-33-04.png

    So if I am understanding this I have which is the latest and it wants 4.10.8? lol

    I also have a few other updates. Is it safe to install those (reboot) and leave the nvidia update? See my updates here

    0_1491435280713_Screenshot from 2017-04-05 19-34-35.png

  • I think I may be getting the hang of this.

    I ran sudo pacman-db-upgrade and sudo packman -Syy and it seemed to solve it. Linux was added to the list of updates. I ran all the updates and nothing got destroyed.

    Sorry for the worry post!

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