• question about "dead" projects

    Good evening to the community.

    Searching for an epub reader (okular has some problem “reading” images in .epub books as they appear blurred), I found a dead project in AUR: lucidor, wich is as they say “The upstream is dead, their website abandoned.” and I was wondering if there is a way to delete all dead projects from pacman automatically.

  • Pacman can not do this because it is not searching the AUR, yaourt maybe but the problem is that there is no string/tag for finding this packages…
    On AUR Startpage you have the numbers under statistics:
    Orphan Packages 3165
    But orphan packages have orphan as maintainer ;)
    so you can use:

    sudo pacman -S aurphan
    aurphan --maintainer orphan

    but only if you have them installed…

  • @joekamprad Thanks for the reply and information!
    I do not know if it could be achievable that every dead application`s developer(s) had the responsibility/obligation to remove their abbandoned project(s) from pacman/pamac/AUR list or/and move them somewhere else as some kind of database.

  • Here ou can see Orphans from AUR

    But this only mean that no one is maintaining the package anymore and it is free to be adopted by another maintainer…
    As i say before there is no way to markor find projects wich are not longer exists.

    There is also no rule that about that a PKGBUILD needs to be linked to a existing project, can also be a skript from a user with no project in the back…

    As far as i remember there is a AUR cleaning ones a year.

  • Yes the orphans list is good to be there for anyone who wants to adopt a project.
    I ment that (I think that) it could be useful (for simple users like me) and since there is no auto removal procedure from repositories, maybe, could be the developers/maintainers obligation to (re)move them to the orphan list only, instead of a deletion request at aur-requests mailing list, when the maintainer is inactive and the package has been flagged out-of-date for a long time.

  • PS. This was just a thought that might help simple yousers (like me)
    not to be confused as installing abandoned projects which could cause problems
    and not a demand or request to people whose work I - we enjoy using.

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