• Is /media folder available on Antergos?

    Hi all.

    Im newbie on arch and Antergos (but I have experience in other distros, like Ubuntu, Solus OS and so on) and I have a question/ problem about the folders in Antergos. Let me explain it.

    I am software - web developer and, when I use IntelliJ, pycharm or Android Studio for my projects, I usually need to load the projects from my USB. Normally, Ubuntu have a /media folder which contains all the bootable USB in my computer but, I don’t know if Antergos have this folder.

    May you help me?

    Thanks for all.

    P.S: It should be fine if you help me too with time variations between windows and Antergos (I always have 1 less hour in Windows when I boot after Antergos).

  • /run/media/USERNAME is the place where media like usb sticks and Cdrom/DVD are mounted under Gnome/nautilus…

    And Antergos do nothing special here it depends on what mechanism/software you choose to do so.

  • @joekamprad Here it is. Thanks for all!.

  • Arch Wiki Recommended:
    Set both Arch Linux and Windows to use UTC,
    following Time#UTC in Windows.

    Some versions of Windows revert the hardware clock back to localtime if they are set to synchronize the time online.

    This issue appear to be fixed in Windows 10.

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