• Antergos KDE font problem

    Hello, I am new here. I need a help because sometimes my fonts on KDE go crazy and I see only horizontal lines. It doesn’t happend all the time, but It’s annoying. I use Dark Theme and my settings for fonts are RGB and Slighty.

  • @Memez might need to show a screenshot or two at least.

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  • @n_mag I can’t do a screenshot cause It happends for like a second. Then everything is like It should be.

    @Velkerk I have AMD R7 M360 but It’s not supported by Linux so I am using integrated card. Which is HD5500

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  • @Memez said in Antergos KDE font problem:


    Does it happen anywhere or just in some apps? I have trouble in ClamTk which is a GTK app. I’m using the BreezeDark theme, and I can’t read some of the text in ClamTk. When I need to use it, I switch over to the High Contrast theme in GTK2 apps. It would be nice if I could set the theme for that app alone.

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