• Antergos FOR EVERYONE?????

    My favourite distro is Manjaro, because it has great hardware support and autoconfiguration, and is stable. But they will only focus on tablets and phones, so I started looking for a desktop distro that I can install for my friends who has no experience in Arch.
    I gave a try for Antergos (only in live mode), but the result was very poor.
    I think Antergos is not for everyone. It is for who

    • has a fast computer that is enough strong to run KDE or GNOME, because there is tearing with XFWM and others
    • has a friend who can tinker the system, when it breaks (and after installing, to make it able to start), and download the missing hardware drivers
    • has experience in Arch, but too lazy to use the command line.

    I’m not too lazy to use the command line, but I am too lazy to tinker all my friends’ system, when it breaks, therefore I am looking for a distro, that is stable, rolling release, supports lighter DEs than KDE and GNOME, has easy to use package manager (AUR support with GUI), has great hardware support with autoconfiguration, and based on Arch.

    I have Broadcom wireless, and Radeon video. I know these haven’t got good Linux support, but Manjaro had configured them well (and there are a lot of devices that haven’t got good Linux support). In Antergos there is no wireless. I couldn’t test the video (tearing, performance), because I booted the minimal ISO, and not installed, because I wouldn’t want to destroy my Arch (currently I don’t have enough space to make backup).
    i think you should take a look at Manjaro Hardware Detector. It can tune the video card automatically for better performance.

    Manjaro has mailing lists. Does Antergos have any?
    I couldn’t find the feedback page of Antergos. Where is it?

    I think there will be lot people who are looking for another distro instead of Manjaro.

  • @notramo said in Antergos FOR EVERYONE???:

    But they will only focus on tablets and phones,

    If you are referring to this, I am almost certain it was an April Fools post. Just thought I’d clarify that 😉

  • As far that I know of, Manjaro and Antergos work well under radeon cards and broadwell does get recognized. I recently installed Antergos on a friend’s 2006 MacBook Pro with a Radeon card and it runs flawless.
    My experience between the two distro’s is that Manjaro breaks occasionally and you need to tinker it to make it work. Antergos never broke in the three months I’ve used it.
    As a remark to the system requirements; You need a computer with enough RAM (4GB min.) to run KDE or GNOME, that’s a fact. This is, however, also the minumum for any other distro. (Arch, Debian, or Ubuntu based)
    Why don’t you just try it out. I can tell you that KDE runs on my friend’s Mac with 3 gb of ram. To be fair not as fast on newer hardware, but it runs acceptably smooth. I’ve tried it with Manjaro and KDE on that machine wasn’t possible. It took a long time to start up and apps crashed or windows were blank, we didn’t expect it to run smooth, because of the lack of memory. Therefore it was a big suprise that KDE did run well under Antergos.


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  • I had never used Linux. I tried many distributions and stayed with Antergos and Manjaro. I have both distributions installed and I almost always use Antergos, for some reason it will be.
    I like to learn and decide for myself

  • [quote]
    has a fast computer that is enough strong to run KDE or GNOME [/quote]
    Antergos Openbox is one of the best you can find.

    Intel Xeon cpu W3565 @ 3.2 GHZ, 10 GB ram: Antergos-DDE
    AMD FX-8120 Eight-Core @ 3.1GHz, 16 GB ram: Deepin 15.04

  • I like the idea behind KDE but in practice I think some components are much to heavy-loaded (e.g. akonadi … which even comes with its own mysql server) and the main problem is that it is endlessly buggy (as far as my experience goes, this is true for bleeding edge KDE using gentoo down to “5-year-old-debian”).
    So I’m using Cinnamon, since I really like this desktop and did some testing a time ago in which Cinnamon was nearly as lightwight as xfce when it comes down to performance and battery life.
    Installation and user experience of Antergos with Cinnamon was extremely easy/stable/comfortable/… no problems with booting or something.
    What actually did suprise me is that everyhing actually works much better and more comfortable then even under Ubuntu/Mint, which I think underlines the point in “Antergos is for everyone”.

    Note: I checked the LTS kernel option on installation, maybe this makes a big difference for stability (?)

  • @darknet Openbox doesn’t solve tearing. It needs a compositing manager, or a tool (like MHWD), that autoconfigure the video card.

  • I used Manjaro for a while, the last time I had a problem with my NIC starting after 30+s and no one replied to my question. I thought about going back to Chakra but they are a few steps behind in KDE versions.

    So I tried Antergos and wow! My NIC is up in 15s so no more browser page not found at startup.
    KDE starts faster (ie time in splash screen).

    No application dashboard (had to install kdeplasma-addons.
    Steam didn’t start (forum answered this - installed nvidia 32bit libs).

    So, everything just works (after the adjustments above but this is part and parcel of linux in my experience). Brilliant. I have an Nvidia Geforce 730 and Ralink 35xx NIC.

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  • @lots.0.logs said in Antergos FOR EVERYONE???:

    If you are referring to this, I am almost certain it was an April Fools post. Just thought I’d clarify that

    They had me, too.

    @robgriff444 said in Antergos FOR EVERYONE???:

    So I tried Antergos and wow! My NIC is up in 15s so no more browser page not found at startup.
    KDE starts faster (ie time in splash screen).

    Same here!

  • I was a long time debian / ubuntu based distro user for years (including variants like mint) and never, ever saw myself using a distro that wasn’t dpkg / apt based - but Antergos has won me over as my new favourite! I don’t think I could go back to Debian / Ubuntu distros after using it for a while. Pacman was definitely hard to get used to for someone that’s so used to APT / dpkg but now that I’ve got the hang of it I love it. It’s so much faster than apt, and the AUR is amazing. I’ve now loaded Antergos on all my home machines and I’m loving it.

    Not to mention this is the only distro I’ve tried that works with the rtl8821ae chip on my laptop 😛 ( Not flawlessly, mind. But every other distro either disconnects after 5s and won’t reconnect unless I reload the module, or is so painstakingly slow that I use usb tethering with my phone)
    The hardware management is definitely superior

  • The first April has long been over;)

    [updates once a week] = [90% less problems]
    how to add system logs:
    wget http://bit.ly/2GCG9k2 && sh 2GCG9k2
    help development: donate antergos

  • @notramo said in Antergos FOR EVERYONE???:

    I think there will be lot people who are looking for another distro instead of Manjaro.

    Yep. I switched to Antergos, and am happier. I knew the whole thing was probably an April fools joke, but I wasn’t amused. Also I’ve been looking at Sabayon, a rolling derivative of Gentoo.

  • Manjaro has it own kernels so its a different story.

    In my opinion antergos is just a installer for arch with bit more stable updates, but still it sounds like ‘arch for everyone’ , its easy to broke and hard to repair sometimes. No its not for everyone, its for power-users, precisely the more lazy ones.

    Anyway I admire both manjaro and antergos devs, lot of hard work on a bleeding edge to make it useful.

  • The thing with manjaro, they keep back the packages updated in arch repo for ‘stability’. They are just more prone to failure for that reason. In arch/antergos, even you get temporary update failures, things are getting fixed very rapidly.

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