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    How can I install propitiatory drivers for my Dell laptop in Antergos. I was a Manjaro user for a long time and there it has Manjaro settings menu. I wonder if is there in Antegros something like that to easily install propitiatory drivers for my Processor and Video Card(Intel HD 620)

  • there are no “Driver” for your CPU this is handeld by the Kernel… and as far as i know also Intel graphics are using open Drivers out of the kernel…

  • @joekamprad I really like Manjaro Settings Manager. Can i install it on Antergos?

  • Is not a good idea i think…
    what is the DE you are using?

  • So whats wrong with gnome-settings then?
    And if you like the majaro-settings-manager a lot why you change to Antergos then?
    I think this settings-manager is what mainly makes Manjaro what it is, you can just do all configurations and packagemanagement over it, or i am wrong?

    Antergos is more about freedom of choice also a bit more to what Archlinux is about, using the terminal and learning about how everything behind is working…

    If you use Gnome there is the gnome-settings + gnome-tweak-tool + pamac (if you want for packages)

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