• Managing .pacnew/.pacsave files

    I need help finding the best application merging the two files together. Some say vimdiff but I’m not there on how to use vim or any other text editor yet. If you guys can give me some suggestions that’ll be great.

  • If you want an application with GUI you can choose between Kompare. Diffmerge, Diffuse, Xdiff, Kdiff3 and Meld.
    I have not tried all of them because I use Meld for many many years, which covers all my needs in file-folder comparison and merging.

  • Thank You!

  • Archwiki say use pacdiff
    It finds all this files and give you the option to edit them, you can choose editor by passing this:

    DIFFPROG="your-EDITOR" pacdiff
  • Follow joekamprad`s suggestion for archwiki guideline.
    The applications that I indicated are for general purpose diff - merge management.

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