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    I have not used Flash for almost 2 years I believe.

    Sadly a new service I want to use is still using Flash. They say “in the coming months” they will be updated to HTML5 but not yet.

    What is the best way to install Flash (for Firefox) and how do I make sure it’s not going to break everything and be hacked and whatever else hehe.

    Is the pepper flash in the AUR the best option?

  • pepper-flash is usually for chrome based browsers
    So for firefox you can simple install flashplugin.

    For security reason pepper would be the better choice:
    Also possible to use pepper-flash with a “wrapper” :
    then install: freshplayerplugin [AUR] and pepper-flash

  • Just to confirm, like to be sure.

    Install freshplayerplugin and then install pepper-flash. Or the otherway around.

    Anything else I need to do afterwards?

  • first install both, then open firefox and check about:plugins
    Which one first does not make a difference ;)

  • I installed them and its running in Firefox.

    The site I am talking about isn’t working though. It acts as if the video is going to play, it just stays black and no progress bar movement. Not sure if this is a “we don’t work in linux” thing or the flash plugins aren’t actually working thing.

  • Try user agent switcher addon, or provide the Link for Investigation

  • Yea tried that, but it seems to break when using that (unlike Netflix). The site I’m talking about is www.cravetv.ca.

    No worries though. Will keep testing to find out.

  • They say works on: • PC: IE9+, Firefox, Chrome
    noting about not working on Linux, or that service needs silverlight e.t.c.
    You can try to uninstall pepper-flash freshplayerplugin and install flashplugin
    to try “standard” flashplayer…

  • Nah. I can only find flashplugin-beta and it will not install, seems broken.

    And not worth it. I will get my money back and wait until they update to HTML5. Some companies are so crazy stupid.

    Thanks for the help though.

  • flashplugin is in extra…

    sudo pacman -S flashplugin
  • @noobertroon Try using this site instead Putlocker

  • I don’t like doing illegal or grey area thing, but thanks.

  • @noobertroon Chrome has everything you need included if you want to just roll with that until your service starts using HTML5. Sand boxed flash where it belongs, or just dead preferably. I guess when you don’t need it anymore go back to firefox. yaourt chrome and choose the one you want, but I just use chrome-stable if you want a suggest. It is an AUR install just an aside… I use it and upvoted, but make your own decision on who you trust…

  • @noobertroon said in Best Flash Install:

    Is the pepper flash in the AUR the best option?

    You know I went through all this when I was using Manjaro, and yes, the pepper flash is the best, and it was difficult to get it into the correct folder where Firefox could find it.

    In my opinion, there is a better browser for you. Vivaldi. You can find it in the Anterdos repositories. It will solve your problems, and is a pretty cool browser.

  • @shwaybotx Agree on Vivaldi - awesome browser.

  • It is an interesting browser. Used in on Windows before…

    I did install it, and enabled flash within the settings but cravetv.ca didn’t work. Didn’t detect it had flash (unless those settings are only if flash is installed). Eitherway. As I said earlier, I gave up.

    Will wait until they have HTML5, not my only source of entertainment :)

  • @noobertroon said in Best Flash Install:

    Eitherway. As I said earlier, I gave up.

    When you were running Vivaldi, did you also install vivaldi-ffmpeg-codecs? That’s what did it for me.

  • That was the craziest and longest install ever (the vivaldi-ffmpeg-codecs that is). Holy crap! I was thinking something was broken half way through that. It was also using 100% CPU and 50% of RAM. Never seen that before. I hope that was not a mistake and some weird crap was installed/changed. It was seriously like more than 10 minutes to finish.

    And still didn’t work. Guess I should have asked, am I supposed to still have flash installed? Or is it built into the codec thing I just did… lol

    Don’t know why I keep listening to you people…I don’t care enough lol bah!

  • @noobertroon said in Best Flash Install:

    And still didn’t work

    Yes, it’s a really really long install! Oh well, I tried my two cents worth!

  • -As far as i know vivaldi/antergos package has extra codecs build in {vivaldi-ffmpeg-codecs}…
    -For flash vivaldi work with pepper-flash {as it is a chromium-browser}
    -There is also a vivaldi-widevine AUR PKGBUILD to watch stuff like netflix e.t.c.


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