• I need some Systemd information

    Hi, i have one script that i use to check weather temperature and send to conky, and it’s working fine.
    I wanted to take the oportunity to learn more about systemd, meaning making my script being loaded by systemd, but it’s not working. I know it’s not related with Antergos, but if someone have time to look i appreciate.

    Here is the systemd file i created

    And here the systemd service status

    Thanks for your time!

  • As i understand in the first view on systemd its goal should be to simplify thouse things ;)
    For the use i can say yes it does but on the side of understanding and creating services i am still a bit confused about it.

    As there is not realy a WIKI for systemd i find this kind complete Howto on red hats:


  • @joekamprad Yes i found few models of system.service configs, i’ll need to test them.
    Most of the sites only have information about checking systemd status, enable, disable, start, stop, etc etc…
    “Danke” for the link.

  • Ok, i changed the permission file to 664 (according to your link) and the service started. Now i messed a lot with the script i’ll need to see if will work fine hehehe.

    I also change the “fork” to “simple” and “default.target” to “graphical.target” but i’m convinced the permission change is what make it works, i’ll confirm more later though.
    Danke 👍

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