• [XFCE] Unable to log in and wake up (black screen with working cursor)

    After tried Manjaro for a couple days (where everything working fine with XFCE), I’ve decided give a try to Antergos and I like a lot but after some hours I had a very annoying “bug” and I spend my entire day reading and trying to resolve but I can’t get a solution.

    Sometimes, when it boots up, it boots to a black screen with no greeter. Only working mouse.

    I tty into a terminal and reinstall nvidia 304 drivers, reboot and somehow (or lucky) it fixes and I can login again but after suspension or screen lock I have the same situation.

    Can someone help me to find what’s happen?


    (PS: I’m an “ex”-debian/ubuntu user and first time in years I’m feeling like a newbie 😟 )

    [0_1490916111646_logs.tar](Uploading 100%)

  • @diogogomes I’m not a graphical card guy; but maybe you need to enable something on systemd for the graphical system load properly?
    Let’s wait for someone else who knows this.

  • Please try to reboot your system.
    After that write in a console/terminal :
    pm-suspend (if you don’t have yaourt to access the AUR, please Install it and after that do : yaourt pm-utils )

    After the suspend, try to “boot” your system again by press a key to unsuspend.

    If the problem persists even if you try this method, please let me know. Actually it’s how you already said a problem with the lock screen x I belive.
    If you manually lock the screen, it should work right?

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