• few a question before installation

    Hey-- everyone, i would like to consider to installation Antergos 17.3, but i am worried for some reason, because yesterday i tried to install ubuntu 16.10, i suspected it caused intel so i am irritating, but i gave up, so but fortune- ubuntu 16.04 is a great work on this computer-- so i am not sure if this will be working on this tower computer, but anything should i know about bug?

    here’s spec

    0_1490797933000_Screenshot from 2017-03-29 07-24-08.png

  • it seem anyone don’t reply. so i will try with it before installation.

  • @rebornkings777 Hi, and wellcome to Antergos forum.
    Sorry but your post isn’t clear enough, Sometimes there are some bugs when instaling, as far as i know realted to mirror syncing, but to tell you the truth i never experienced any of these here.
    Yes i guess you’ll need to give the OS a try, and if your “PC Tower” is not a “bleeding edge” hardware (or with exotic specifications) i guess you won’t see problems.

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  • So I find it the problem, so fyi, I just had intel and no additional graphic video at this moment, so why it has two display? I just having one monitor

  • @rebornkings777 Could be detecting in error. I have had that happen to me once before and I just manually turned it off because windows can open up on that secondary desktop and you wont even know where it went.

    Sys01: Surface Pro 3; Antergos + Gnome; 4GB mem

  • So it could be problem by kernel or just error? It will be fine once installintion and after that, just turn off the two display, correct?

  • @rebornkings777 ya just turn it off, I don’t know every detail as to why it happens but I know how to turn it off 🙂

    Sys01: Surface Pro 3; Antergos + Gnome; 4GB mem

  • So I’m now doing the installing, along with gnome. I hope everything it gonna be good. ✌of course I will need help if any apparently the problems.

  • so i have a question, what to do command running for install intel drivers?

  • @rebornkings777 I would start here
    You can go to the Intel drivers, or whatever you need and start building from the ground up beginning there. The wiki is you friend 🙂

    Sys01: Surface Pro 3; Antergos + Gnome; 4GB mem

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