• Expanding installer

    Hey Antergos community! I think you should add Budgie, Pantheon and Deepin as install options. Cheers 🌞.

  • You can use the minimal ISO to install every desktop environment you want

  • Oh, thanks. Any guide how to do this.

  • its basically the normal install process. but you must choose install base instead of the other offered desktop environments. This means you start with a text based operating system with no graphical interface. from that point you can install the desktop environment and display manager you like
    check out these links for instructions
    if your not familiar with installations via the terminal you can try it in a virtual machine to get the hang oft it
    cheers ;)

  • Oh man, this is why I love Antergos :D! Friendly community and beautiful OS. Cheers :) Wow servers for download never was that slow! just 300kb/s! My internet is 10mb/s and Antergos was always downloaded on that speed.

  • @Miki mark as solved? :)

  • @eliramrem Maybe offtopic, Does the minmal iso comes with Xorg and other graphical stuffs installed just missing the desktop? I never tried that.

  • @fernandomaroto I would assume they’re not included if you decide to install only the base system. However, during the install you are given a choice of desktops and you go from there. Simply put, with the minimal iso you have to download the desktop after you choose one, the regular iso has the packages bundled to kinda get you up and running a bit faster if you’re into that, hence why the iso size is much larger. I think it’s about 1.4GB compared to the minimal who h is maybe 450MB.

  • @n_mag I guess it’s because it has the live cd as well, which uses a lot of space. I install always with gnome and then install another desktop of my choose.

  • I installed base in Qemu-KVM and when I try Pacman -Syu (or something else which is in relationship with pacman) it lists tooooooo much errors.

  • Edit: I have noticed the problem: I am not connected with internet. CLI (Base installation) can not recognize Internet connection, so pacman can not work. Installing with Openbox, and I will simple remove it, and install other DE (Budgie or Deepin). If I brake something, this do not touch me, because it is KVM. Installing with ZFS enabled, is it smart?

  • It does not accept my password, so I can not login. It says Authentaction failed again and again! I am 100% sure password is correct. Any help?

  • @Miki ZFS itself is great from what I hear but I am not aware of it’s state on linux other than I know Ubuntu supports it “officially”

    I believe you can use the live disk again and mount your partitions like you are about to start a base install of vanilla Arch, and since you are root and you can use a passwd user and change the password. Reference forgot password and changing root password on Arch wiki…

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