• Broadcom BCM4313, no wi-fi Live boot

    Hi, guys.
    Yesterday i’ve try to install Antergos to my Dell Inspiron n5050, and have failed.
    I’ve read forum, but couldn’t solve this problem myself.
    Screenshoots here, and I hope you can help me.
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    lspci -vnn -d 14e4, from ArchWiki Broadcomwireless ->

    lspci: -d ":" expected

    alt text

    And that i found in


    alt text

    Sorry for photos, but i can’t do something else.

  • @kaziuslkiy You can use an ethernet cable or USB-tether from your phone (which is connected to WiFi). After install the wireless should work.

  • $ yaourt -S broadcom-wl-dkms
    # source /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/dkms
    # dkms autoinstall -k $(uname -r)

    Autodidacta en la VIDA …y en Linux, también.

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