• lastpass signin doesn't stick

    Using Antergos KDE fully updated.

    I did a search using ‘lastpass’ as the criteria but nothing that showed related to lastpass. Each time I open my browser I have to log in to lastpass even though I clicked for my password to be remembered. How do I get the log in to stick?

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  • One of lastpass’ settings is “Automatically log out when all browsers are closed.” I believe that box is checked by default for security reasons.

  • Thanks, Shryp. I will check and see if I can uncheck that setting.

  • I checked in the settings but didn’t find anything about logging out when browser is closed. Maybe I missed it. I will keep looking.
    I set up lastpass as my home page.
    I also use another KDE distro and don’t have to sign in each time I open the browser. When I set up lastpass after adding the addon, I told it to remember my password. I know this is not recommended but I am the only user of my computer.
    I am wondering if it is a setting somewhere in Antergos.

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