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    I installed a Breeze cursor theme on my XFCE install and the cursor is not consistent throughout windows. If I change the theme after I login it works fine, but when I reboot, it defaults back to the default cursor theme but only when the cursor is hovering over certain windows/menus. So for example, it will be at the default theme if the cursor is hovering over the desktop, but if I hover over, say Firefox window, it’ll revert back to the Breeze theme.
    I’ve tried to copy the theme into /user/share/icons and also I created an ~/.icons file and placed the theme in there and same problem persist.

  • @guido Cursor theme behaves differently depending on many circumstances.

    I do not use XFCE, so I’ll try to describe some cursor theme basics. They work in Mate, Cinnamon, Gnome 2, Gnome 3, Kde, Plasma.

    Cursor theme mostly depends on:

    • with what user an app has been started. Cursor theme for root user is different from those for regular user (you).

    • a graphical engine used by the opened app. Gnome cursor (metacity, murrine, equinox, compiz, emerald, ecc.) is different from Plasma (Qt) cursor, and vice versa.

    • a graphical display manager in use (LightDM, GDM, SDDM, LXDM, SLiM, ecc.). A cursor in display manager is almost always different from those used in the DE.

    • window manager and window decorator in use.

    The first thing to try is:

    • copy the cursor theme into /usr/share/icons folder. It will be available system-wide from this location.

    • let’s say, its folder is called Chameleon-Anthracite-Regular-0.5:

    • in the /usr/share/icons folder find the default folder. It contains the default cursor theme:

    • back it up. For example, rename it to default-original:

    • in the /usr/share/icons folder create a new, empty default folder.

    • place in it only one simple text file, named index.theme:

    • open & edit the index.theme file. Place in it this simple content:

      [Icon Theme]
      #--Chameleon-Anthracite-Regular-0.5 is a new default cursor theme:
    • pay attention to Upper | Lower case letters in folder’s name. It must be written exactly as you see it in file manager.

    • done. Reboot or logout are not needed.

    From now on, all apps that use by default the default cursor theme, will use Chameleon-Anthracite-Regular-0.5 instead.

    It applies to apps opened by a regular user only.

    Cursor theme for root user must be set using other tools, provided by DE.

    Cursor theme for other apps, different from the DE in use, must also be set by using additional (eventually) provided tools.

    It sounds horrible, but that’s the way cursor themes work. I can assure that Antergos Plasma 17.3 uses the same cursor for all apps here. For native Plasma, for Gnome, for root, for the regular user, in SDDM, Chromium, Firefox, Thunderbird, GIMP, ecc. Everywhere.


    Good luck

  • @just So your advice help me get it working but I went about it a bit different. :)
    All I did was created a “default” folder in ~/.icons, logged out and in and all is working. Strange huh? I need to try and reboot and see if it takes.
    But thanks for the help. Will post back if it doesn’t work after reboot.

    Follow-up to my last reply…after rebooting it didn’t work so I followed your advice as you suggested and NOW all is working well. Thanks again!

  • @guido Di niente. Di cursor themes si puo’ parlare all’infinito. Non sono facili da gestire.

    Se pensi che adesso il cursore funziona come ti piace, magari possiamo segnare il topic come [Risolto]? Come vuoi, senza impegno.


  • @just I will mark it as SOLVED.

    PS. I’m Italian and growing up in an Italian family I can understand it better than I can read or speak it.
    I actually had to translate your reply to English. :)
    Thanks again!!

  • @guido Oops,I’m sorry. Didn’t want to make you waste the time with translation.


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