I’ve been searching for this on both duckduckgo and here in the forum (and Arch wiki) but not found anything really useful.

So the issue is that the maximum volume of my left stereo speaker is like 10%. I got this laptop second hand and replaced macOS with Antergos the minute I opened the lid. That said I have not tried the speakers before.

When I have the balance in the middle I can only hear the right speaker, if I shift the balance all the way to the left I can barely hear any sound. If I push up the volume beyond 100% the volume doesn’t raise but the sound from the left speaker becomes distorted. If I shift the balance back a little towards the center so that the right channel is at 10% the volume is equal… Equally low, that is.

When I plug in headphones the balance is just fine… So I don’t know if this is a hardware or software issue. I’ve read that some weird issues can arise with pulseaudio, which is what seems to be in use.